Welcome to The Pole Garage, the best gift you will ever give yourself! We are thrilled to be the first studio in Santa Monica, California dedicated exclusively "For Women" and the art of pole dancing.

The Pole Garage is an intimate space filled with five stationary and spinning dance poles designed for women to explore their inner 'sass' and 'fire' through pole dance artistry. It is your private place to create, innovate and embrace your own unique personal style of pole dancing. Our pole dancing choreography is raw, bold and edgy. We offer the newest techniques for aerial pole inversions, flying movement, silky smooth transitions and sexy suspension holds. The enticement continues with endless pole stripteases and wicked hot lap dances (leading from the chair up onto the poles). Not to worry hotties, your fearless leader will get you flying! The physical and mental transformation speaks volumes! Your legs, buttocks and abdominals will become sculpted and toned, while increasing your core strength and flexibility. Most importantly, you will leave feeling ALIVE and thoroughly elated and rejuvenated.

We offer a myriad of 'pole play' time: Introductory 'Pole Teasers', Progressive "Session" Classes, Mixed Level: Pole Power Hours, Pole Play & Dance classes, Parties, Privates, Workshops, Showcases, and Photography/Filming Sessions. Treat yourself to the hottest girl's night out imaginable and come 'Pole it Out' and get a 'Little Dirty' in The Pole Garage. I have no doubt that pole dancing will become one of the greatest loves of your life!

To maintain the integrity and quality of our Signature Curriculum, all of our Instructors have trained exclusively at The Pole Garage and have been certified through The Pole Garage Instructor Training Program