Pole Teaser

First time pole dancing:

The 'Pole Teaser' is the perfect class to begin your pole dance journey. It is a one-time introductory class designed to give you a 'taste' and tease' of the fabulous world of pole dancing! You will begin with a sexy floor  warm-up filled with head flips and sassy Leg-play while toning, stretching and warming your muscles. You will learn several pole spins, turns, slides and even a "pole-sit", while topping it all off with a sassy pole dancing routine! The Pole Teaser is where you will experience your first pole flight and it is truly where the addiction begins. 

*Intro Pole Teaser is NOT a pre-requisite to join Beginner Session.

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Progressive Class Sessions

Once you have attended the introductory Pole Teaser, or if you are already an experienced pole dancer, the best way to further immerse yourself into the heart of pole dancing is by signing up for the Progressive Class Sessions or our Advanced Unlimited classes. The Pole Garage offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Sessions beautifully arranged and choreographed to seamlessly morph from one session, up into the next session.

This is the path in which you will build your core strength and flexibility with a variety of playful, sexy and challenging floor and pole warm-ups, pole stripteases, and intense pole dancing choreography, routines and freestyle dance. This is where you will find your own personal 'flair', 'fire' & 'sass'! Sessions are the true building blocks for pole movement and discovering your own unique style of pole dancing. Each pole combination builds off of the next, continually increasing in combinations and difficulty. Being part of a session class allows you to grow with an intimate group of women, soon to become your new pole family! It is a journey allowing you to explore pole dancing, free your mind and nurture your spirit!

Progressive Class Sessions are held once a week for 1.5 hours per class. Beginner classes are held once a week for 1.5 hours per class for a 6 week session. Intermediate and advanced classes are held once a week for 1.5 hours per class for an 8 week session.

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Mixed Level Classes— 'Pay as you Pole'

All levels are welcome!  Mixed Level classes are a variety of "pay as you pole" specialty pole dancing classes including  'Pole Power Hour' and 'Pole Play & Dance' classes.  As a 'pay as you pole' class, you may register for the class you wish to attend and pay for that class only. Or, take advantage of our 5 pack discounted rates for these Mixed levels classes!  These classes are intense in nature and freestyle in design.

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