The Pole Garage Signature Curriculum - Created by Owner Drea Roers

The Pole Garage Signature Curriculum is designed to train you "progressively" through Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro levels of Pole Dancing. Each Level is structured with our Signature Warmup developed to build your core strength, condition and increase your flexibility. The warmup will increase with difficulty, as you move forward, to safely and properly prepare your body for the next level of pole dancing.  Each progressive class, has a set 'Curriculum' of pole tricks, which will seamlessly lead you from one pole move into the next with beautiful transitions, and dance choreography.  The dance you find on the floor, will lead up into the air! You will be climbing, flipping and flying! 

To maintain the integrity and quality of our Signature Curriculum, all of our Instructors have trained exclusively at The Pole Garage and have been certified through The Pole Garage Instructor Training Program