Drea - Drea Roers is the Owner and lead Instructor of The Pole Garage!  Drea loves sharing her passion for pole dancing with others, as a beautiful and expressive aerial art form! Drea competed in the 2012 & 2013 California Pole Dance Championship ‘PRO Division’, as well as earning ‘Elite Finalist’ in the APFA—American Pole Fitness Championship 2012. Drea is a Principal Cast Member & Performer in the ‘Girl Next Door Show’ in Hollywood. She has also been a featured Pole Dancer in segments of ‘The Doctors’, ‘Access Hollywood’, ‘Spin Magazine’, and ‘Pole World News’. The two greatest loves of her life are her Husband, David Roers and Pole Dancing!

Casey - Casey is an Optician by Profession and Instructor at The Pole Garage! Casey believes that pole dancing gives her so many gifts! She has made some of her best friends through pole dancing and it has taught her to be patient with herself and others because nothing good comes without practice and hard work! It has also helped her to become more confident in herself and body! She loves the self-expression and sexiness of pole dancing. She has found that she has to dig deep both emotionally and physically to achieve new pole tricks. She loves the challenge, as every aspect of pole dancing is so rewarding and there's always something new to learn! Casey feels humbled every day by being a part of the pole community. As an instructor, Casey feels inspired by the women of The Pole Garage and that they keep the fire alive! Casey loves to spread her love for pole with others and is excited for each week so that she can give the support she received from her pole instructors to others!


To maintain the integrity and quality of our Signature Curriculum, all of our Instructors have trained exclusively at The Pole Garage and have been certified through The Pole Garage Instructor Training Program